Affiliate Marketing

3 Important Affiliate Marketing Tips;

Affiliate marketing is a very hot topic right now. Who would like to just start making money from selling someone else’s product or service online? I know I do and I’m sure you would. Also you can do this without even leaving your home. Sounds easy, right? While affiliate marketing is not rocket science, it does require work, dedication, and patience. You are not the only person who finds it intriguing to think that they can actually be making money off of someone else’s product without even leaving your house. The field is very competitive and if you want to become a player you will need to invest time and effort, and possibly money, into your endeavor.

The first step in effective affiliate marketing is choosing a commercially viable product to sell;

This is not particularly hard, but keep in mind that you have millions of products and services to pick from. Some will be good and some not so good. So you want to have a list of criteria that your product must meet. Clickbank is an extremely popular site and a good place to get started with affiliate marketing. Find a product that you like, and one that has a good “gravity” and “popularity” measurement. Then just go ahead and contact the owner of the product and ask him or her to show you some sort of proof of sales and conversions. This is very simple, and any merchant worth his salt will be happy to provide you with the details.

Another of the most overlooked affiliate marketing tips has to do with traffic testing and tracking;

As you probably already know or will soon realize, there are a million and one ways to get traffic to your affiliate offer. How do you know which one to choose? You really don’t. You have to try one for a while and see how that works, or try several at a time and compare them with each other. When you find some that are clearly outperforming others, invest more time, effort, and/or money into those and let the others go.

Last but not least, take a look at the support that you can offer your customers. Yes, that’s right;

If you are selling a product, you should be prepared to answer questions about that product. While this may bother you, it is also one of the factors that will separate you from other affiliates who are not answering questions. This also probably means that you will have to actually buy the product and not just promote it blindly. You should know its real features, advantages, potential problems, etc. Making use of these three affiliate marketing tips will distinguish you from the other affiliate marketers in the business today.

Affiliate Marketing

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6 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing”

  1. These are some very helpful tips on affiliate marketing and I agree that you will need to offer support to your customers to set you apart. Giving support will build trust with your customers, which in turn will lead them to referring you as a reliable supplier. Traffic is the most important aspect of any website and building trust will lead to more traffic and conversions. 

    1. Hello Lincowley, thank you for the comment. Trust from your customers is a major factor to any business. We as affiliate marketers need to help our customers problems and needs. The more we support and help the more trust we get. Treat customers like good friends and you will go a long way with their relationships and your online business will excel.

  2. You are absolutely correct here. So many affiliates sell products that they don’t know a lot about. You will definitely put yourself in front of the rest of the affiliates by finding out as much information about the product that you are promoting so that you can be knowledgeable and be able to answer any questions that are thrown at you. It is your duty as an affiliate to know exactly what you are promoting.

    1. Hello Michel, thank you for your comment. That’s the biggest mistake new affiliate marketers make. They promote products that they don’t know about and not only that they are not interested in it. It’s a sure way to failure. Pick a product or service that you are interested in. Buy it, get to know the in’s and outs of it and then promote it as if it were your own. This way you can answer your customers any questions they have and you will have the satisfaction of helping others. You will then enjoy your online business and this is the secret to success.

  3. LearnToEarn Admin

    I was intrigued by your post because it addressed issues In had not thought of before.  Being a viable product, mansvyou KNOW that product sells well. One just has to find the right brand and affiate company that providesbthe percentage commission that is profitable.
    Tracking which of one’s links is doing well, is time consuming, but will bring dividends if followed with keen interest.
    Thank you for insoiring us with valuable info to grow our online businesses.

    1. Jason Brody #affiliatemarketer

      I’m more than happy to help. Thank you for your interest in my article. We as affiliate marketers need to be interested in the product you promote and get to know it. This way you will have the most success in your online business.

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